Judging Process

Participants will have to go through 3 levels of the judging process consisting of the Public Vote, ZYGY Scoring Analytic and Panel of Judges.

The public will have a chance to vote for their favourite FinTech companies or personality through an online public voting page that will be opened after submission of nomination is closed. The public votes constitute 20% of the weight in determining the top nominees and winners for Malaysia FinTech Awards.

ZYGY technology will self-search associated terms for each participation on social medias, international web sites and local web sites, read and understand texts from the search results, summarize these texts and qualify positive findings before building scores for each participation. ZYGY’s assessment will constitute 40% of the selection of nominees. After ZYGY’s analysis, 3 shortlisted nominees with the highest score will be announced during the Press Conference.

The assessment of the judges will constitute 40% of the weight in determining the final winners. The panel of judges consist of professionals with high credibility in different sectors of the industry in Malaysia such as regulators, economists and auditors. Each judges will be evaluating different aspects of each nominees.

Does the company seize a real opportunity and will it have the power to change the industry?
Does the company satisfy a real need or desire? Can the company provide evidence of the advantages its solution has over alternatives?
Does the company have a unique value proposition? What is the relationship between cost and benefits and the impact on the environment and society as a whole?
How are consumers engaged and how is the offering delivered and made available to the marketplace?
Is the company still signing up new customers and can it retain them?

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