Assalammu’alaikum Warahmatullahiwabarakatuh
Salam 1 Malaysia.

The escalating impact of the FinTech industry has revolutionized and supported the development of the financial system beyond traditional channels. The Financial Technology Business sector will be the heart and blood of the banking industry for many years to come and as Malaysia FinTech Awards is created to recognize the achievements of the most innovative technology business visionaries in Malaysia, it will surely bring positive outcomes towards our financial sector in Malaysia. As we are moving towards a digital economy, the Malaysia Fintech Awards 2018 will surely create an opportunity and the path for us to push hard in creating a prosperous organizing such event and I will be looking forward to see the participations for this event from every FinTech players in the industry.




Assalammu’alaikum Warahmatullahiwabarakatuh
Salam 1 Malaysia Negaraku


Fintech is a diverse industry combining technology for financial services and in recent years, it has attracted much attention from investors for its potential to overturn traditional financial systems. Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia is very committed in meeting the needs of Malaysia’s financial services consumer through technological pursuit and also in the scope to build new FinTech businesses which serve not just the Malaysia market but which will also take their technology and seek to serve world markets. Therefore, the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia strongly supports the initiative for creating this event, Malaysia Fintech Awards 2018 that would undoubtedly encourage the development of our country’s technology and the growth of our economy.



Malaysia FinTech Awards 2018 is an event that aims to recognize the achievements of Malaysia’s most innovative companies in the FinTech Ecosystem in Malaysia and to honour their great contributions towards our country’s economic development. Malaysia FinTech Awards acts as a collective voice to create and strengthen a rich industry in the FinTech Ecosystem in Malaysia.

FinTech is a technology innovation that supports financial services companies and evolving its customer groups into asset managers, advisors, hedge funds, big companies and small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Malaysia FinTech Awards 2018 will be a channel to empower the FinTech Ecosystem into driving the players to have a pioneering innovative mindset which encourages creative innovations. This particular mindset would involve support, ideas and feedbacks from end users, enterprises, technology or service providers, Fintech companies and financial institutions.

Malaysia FinTech Awards 2018 is acknowledging the players involved in the FinTech Ecosystem in Malaysia and indirectly empowering the FinTech Ecosystem whilst directly contributing towards the growth of our country’s economic development. This event consists of forums during the day and an award ceremony at night.

The award presentation would also create a platform for business networking opportunities among the participants and these initiatives will serve as a catalyst for the growth of new leaders, entrepreneurs and also ideas to spur the industrial growth and to drive the country’s economy to advance all the way up to the year 2050.

Persatuan Usahawan Dinamik or Dinamik is a non profit organization that aims to provide a platform to any dynamic entrepreneur to participate in various strategic economic sectors in Malaysia. As FinTech is evolving rapidly day by day, we at Dinamik are providing the utmost prominent stage for Malaysia’s FinTech entrepreneurs through the Malaysia FinTech Awards, which would be most recognized as the largest annual event for the FinTech industry and an event that creates a positive movement for the growth of our nation’s economy.


ZYGY helps human to accelerate intelligence using proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology with a mission to improve significant productivity in human lifestyle and working style. For Malaysia Fintech Awards 2018, ZYGY gathers intelligence at a quick and fast pace by self-searching about each participant in social media, international and local web sites, read and understand texts from the search results, summarize these texts and qualify positive findings before building scores for each participant. ZYGY acts as the auto-judge that acquire intelligence quickly and effortlessly to evaluate each participant.


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