About Malaysia Fintech Awards

Persatuan Usahawan Dinamik is proud to present the very first prestigious ‘Malaysia FINTECH Awards 2018’, an event that aims to recognize the
achievements of Malaysia’s most innovative financial-technology companies in Malaysia and to honor their great contributions towards our
country’s economic development. Malaysia FinTech Awards acts as a collective voice to strengthen and create a rich industry of FinTech in Malaysia
that can help us benefit fully from new technologies in the financial service sector.
This event consists of forums during the day and an award ceremony at night. The exclusive forum event is expecting a number of 300
participants to join and gain a deeper insight on the arena of FinTech through discussions from the leading FinTech experts locally and
internationally. The award ceremony will welcome astounding guests from VIPs, corporate members, FinTech players to nominees, expecting a total
of 700 guests that would be seated in a theater style setting where they will be witnessing the award presentation as it unfolds.
The forum and award ceremony would also create a platform for business networking opportunities among the participants and these
initiatives will serve as a catalyst for the growth of new leaders, entrepreneurs and also ideas to spur the industrial growth and to drive the country’s
economy to advance all the way up to the year 2050.

Persatuan Usahawan Dinamik or Dinamik is a non profit organization that aims to provide a platform to any dynamic
entrepreneur to participate in various strategic economic sectors in Malaysia. As FinTech is evolving rapidly day by day, we at
Dinamik are providing the utmost prominent stage for Malaysia’s FinTech entrepreneurs through the Malaysia FinTech Awards,
which would be most recognized as the largest annual event for the FinTech industry and an event that creates a positive
movement for the growth of our nation’s economy.

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